Bandhavgarh National Park : Best time to visit

Best Time to Visit Bandhavgarh

Park Open Time 16-October till 30-June
Park Closure Time 01-July to 15-Oct, Every Wed. from Apr.2011, Half day on Holi Festival (Mar.)
Summer Season April to July, Minimum Temperature 30°C, Maximum Temperature 48°C
Rainy Season July to October, Minimum Temperature 22°C, Maximum Temperature 35°C
Winter Season November to February, Minimum Temp. 01°C, Maximum Temp. 20 °C
Best time for tiger-sighting February to May
Worst Time to visit New Year week-end, Holi Festival Day

October-November Months

Best time to visit Bandhavgarh National Park In first two months (October & November), after opening of park, climate remains pleasant as after monsoon departure, we can find greenery everywhere in the forest area with plenty of water-holes. During this time reptiles & birds sighting can be good but animals sighting is not so good due to density of bushes & grasslands. Due to festival season in North & Central India, domestic tourists prefers to visit Bandhavgarh and resorts remain occupied with them. It is the time we one can see the track-maintenance, grass cutting etc. work is going on in & around Safari zones. It is the time when one can enjoy the freshness of forest.

December - January Months

It is the time of winters. This is the ideal time for foreign tourists to visit Bandhavgarh as climate remains good. During this time, Bandhavgarh registers good volume of foreign tourists. December month week-end, especially the time of Christmas festival & New Year time, resorts remain fully-packed with tourists. So those who are planning to visit tiger reserve this time should make their bookings confirmed before 40-60 days in advance. This time resorts & lodges charge remain at their peak. From 15-Dec till 25-Jan, normally North India remain affected by Fog due to which Flights & Trains remain delayed by 02-20hrs delayed so visitors are advised to keep 24hrs in reserve to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Tourists often face problem of cancellation of flights & trains during this time which adversely affects their scheduled trips. During this time, road traffic remain un-affected from fogs. This time is good for bird-watching. It is also ideal time of tiger-mating and one can be lucky enough to witness tiger-mating in wilderness.


>February - March Months> During this time, park receives low tourist traffic as due to examination time in Indian schools, domestic tourists avoids traveling. In this months, one may notice improved tiger sighting as due to good weather, animals comes into open and to some extent forest density also reduces which leads to improved wild-animals sighting. Birds sighting also remains good as it is the time of popular Mahua fruit (Madhuca longifolia), the fruit of Indian Butter Tree attracts most of the herbivores and omnivores animals. One may often notice herds of spotted deers & black-faced Languars together. Sloth bear sighting also remain good as it can be seen under Mahua Trees. Incidences of human killing by tigers often happens this time as local villagers often intrude into tiger's territory in search of Mahua fruits. During this time red & orange flowers in Flame of Forest trees enhances the beauty of forest. Wildlife photography often organized in these months. In North & Central India, Holi festival is celebrated in the month of March. On the day of festival (Dhulendi) park often remain closed for evening safari but last decision is of park management. One should avoid any kind of surface traveling during these 2-3 days as often local villages stops the vehicle for donation in the name of festival and consumes alcholic wines etc.

April – May – June Months

This is the time of severe heat waves in North & Central India. It is the tough time for foreign tourists but preferred time of tiger photographers. are considered the best time to do wildlife photography and tiger photography. As in schools of India, it is the time after examinations, domestic tourists likes to visit Bandhavgarh. Student groups, conference tours often organized during this time. During this time, wildlife photography remain easy, shots of tiger around kill, resting around water source, resting in water, tigress with cubs etc can be expected. During this time Tala Safari Zone have good number of active water sources and the area have hills of sand-stone that retain water from long time and also felt cool during day time so tiger sighting chances in Tala Zone are far better than any other tourist zones of Bandhavgarh National Park. It is also the time to enjoy special summer offers containing discounts of accommodation.

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