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Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Central India is one of the most beautiful nature reserve, and the landscape, harbours amazing wildlife creatures & forest. Geographical topology of Bandhavgarh National Park have hills of varying height, valleys and slopes and the vast splendorous meadows. The evergreen majestic sal with its equally grand associates and the dense growth of bamboo ensure a mesmerizing effect on one throughout the year. The distant hazy Vindhyan hills in the background only add to this breathtaking panorama.

Despite these aesthetic attributes and a wide range of wildlife species, including a rich bird life, every visitors here yearns to catch a glimpse of the most regal and majestic animal, the spirit of the Indian Jungle - the tiger. This national park is renowned for a very high probability of sighting tigers almost every day, attracting tourists from all over the world. Regarded as the "star attraction" of the wildlife tourism of Bandhavgarh, watching tigers in the wild is a most unforgettable experience to cherish. The management understands visitor's longing and excitement to see a tiger in the wild. Besides, it also knows that the sighting of a moving tiger also inculcates tremendous awareness of wildlife conservation in the public. In order to fulfill the desire of tourists visiting Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve from long distances after incurring heavy expense & sparing their percious time, Tiger Show is organized time to time in during Morning Safari.

Tiger Show
Tiger Show was organized by park management in which tiger is showed to visitors on elephant back for 5-10min duration. Now a days, unfortunately this service has been closed for tourists. Show serves two purpose: first and foremost is the urge to see tiger/s in its natural habitat and second one is elephant safari ride. Although it is for very short duration but still those who don't afford to pay high price of Elephant Safari in Bandhavgarh can at least feel the fun of ride. Usually in early morning, Mahaouts (Trackers) went inside the jungle in search of tigers. On successful tiger tracking they pass the information to control-room through walky-talkie radio-sets they have with them. Control room passes the message to check-points inside forest. Through such check-points or through control room information, safari vehicle guide takes the vehicle to that location (if it lies in his allotted route/zone). Here against a fixed fee, tokens for viewing tigers are issued on a "first come first serve" basis. The vehicles carrying visitors reach the tiger spot in a systematic way and wait for their turn. An adult elephant can accommodate 4 visitors at a time in the seat fastened on its back, called hauda, and ferries them to the tiger spot where the tiger is seen at its most natural. The management ensures well controlled and hassle free tiger viewings for the visitors and least disturbance to the tigers.

Tiger Show facts:
  • It is a program organized by park management.
  • Tiger show is organized after successful tiger tracking.
  • It is organized during Morning Safari only.
  • In order to participate in Tiger Show, visitors have to pay a fixed fee to the official.
  • Elephant/s is used to show tiger to visitor.
  • Here visitors are taken close to the tiger/tigress to do tiger photography & sighting.
  • Tiger Show cannot be booked in advance and have no fixed time as it totally depends on successful tracking.
  • Organizing, duration, cancellation of Tiger is decided by park authorities.
  • Forest Department has CLOSED Tiger Show for tourists for un-disclosed time.

Elephant Safari Booking
It is special safari organized by Park Management after written permission given by Field Director of Bandhavgarh National Park. In this safari, elephants are provided for safari purpose. Visitor do the safari on elephant back with his allotted safari-guide. In order to get the permission letter from Field Director, we are required to fill-up the requisition form attached with Demand Draft of specified fee and submit it to the Department Office (in Umaria) far before the required dates. Forest Department will scrutinize the information provided in the submitted Form and check the availability of Elephant/s and accordingly take the decision on application in stipulated time. Before giving the permission, information like purpose of visit, number of visitors, date/s of visit etc. provided information are taken into account and considered deeply. It is the policy of Forest Department to discourage usage of Elephant for commercial purpose as limited elephants are available at each Tiger Reserve and are mostly engaged in duty of patroling, tiger tracking etc. In case elephants were not available of requested dates then department may return the requisition for re-considering the dates of visit. Availing the elephants for Elephant Safari is discretionary power of Field Director and usually it is not so easy to get the permission. So purpose, recommendation & influence play decisive role in getting the permission letter. Once written permission is obtained in positive, we can expect to do Elephant Safari in Bandhavgarh National Park. On stipulated date, Elephant/s will be made available at a declared place (usually in elephant camp) )inside the Tiger Reserve. In order to reach the place, safari jeeps are used for transfer. Visitor/s can do the Elephant Safari according the Morning/Evening safari timing.

Amount charged for Elephant Safari comprises, security fee & safari charge. Once Elephant Safari is done, visitor is required to submit the a copy of photography/videography done to the office of Forest Department against which Forest Department will return a part of security amount to the applicant. This process may take sometime(days) to be done. Elephant Safari is not so common in Bandhavgarh as it is costly and also due to difficulty in getting written permission.

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