Bandhavgarh National Park : Khitauli Zone

Khitauli Safari Zone

Bandhavgarh Khitauli Zone

Bandhavgarh is a popular tiger reserve in Central India. Here tiger sighting possibility is better than any other park of India which attracts huge volume of tourists and wildlife lover to this national park. Bandhavgarh safari area is divided into safari zones. Whole tiger reserve area is not exposed for tourists, only limited area is open for jungle safari tourism. At present, their are 3 safari zones in Bandhavgarh i.e. Tala Zone, Magadhi Zone and Khitauli Zone. Among these safari zones, Tala zone is declared as a premium safari zone and remaining 2 safari zones are categorized as non-premium category safari zones. All three safari zones remain accessible to tourists during safari season. For doing jungle safari drive, tourist need to have safari ticket, safari guide and safari vehicle. Ticket can be booked online and guide is allotted at entrance gate and safari vehicles can be hired from private jeep operators available close to entrance gate or through travel agent or hotel. Difference between Premium zone and Non-premium zone is of safari area and entrance ticket fee. Safari charge of Premium safari zone is higher than Non-premium safari zones. One can visit any one safari zone in a safari round. Here we have described about Khitauli Safari Zone which is also called Gate Number-3, a Non-premium safari zone.

Khitauli Zone
Before year 2010, only one safari zone is available for tourists i.e. Tala zone but after that two new safari zones are opened for safari drives in which Khitauli zone is one. It is also referred as Gate no. 3 of Bandhavgarh national park. Tala zone and Magadhi zone are adjoining to each other whereas Khitauli zone is separated by Umaria-Tala road, from other two zones. It is the latest safari zone and offers some new features of Bandhavgarh national park. For Birding and wildlife photography, Khitauli zone is considered good. Their are many wildlife species which can be easily seen in Khitauli zone and often not seen in remaining zones like Blue bull, Leopard, Wild Dogs(Dholes) etc. During Bandhavgarh tour, we recommend to visit Khitauli zone at least in one safari round.

Khitauli Zone: Important places to see
Kumbhi Kachar Umrar River Garhpuri Dam Garhpuri Dam Road
Nilgai Nala Tedka Munara Marjadgarh Tower Charkhi Dongri
Chulha Camp Gadawah Damdama Majholi Pond

Khitauli Safari Booking
We are providing all travel services for Bandhavgarh and other wildlife safari destinations. Our services for Bandhavgarh includes resort booking, safari tickets booking, safari guides, safari vehicles, tour packages, photography safaris etc. Large number of tourists are visiting Bandhavgarh national park in a safari season but limited safari tickets are issued on per round basis due to which safari arrangements are need to be done in advance. Forest department allows advance safari ticket booking. It can be booked online or from booking counter available at Tala entrance gate. Booking counter at Tala entrance gate allows safari booking for any of the three safari zones. For safari booking, ID details of all the visitors is mandatory and need to carry original ID document during all safari drives.

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